***WARNING!*** Filled with running talk and a bit of Ingress. Plus an impromptu instalment of Doug’s Books.

FYI: I briefly looked in to why the term Harrier was used for cross country running when I was a kid. It apparently referred to a breed of British Dog that ran after rabbits, hares to be exact. In the late ’30’s there was a club of British runners that called themselves the Hash House Harriers, in Kuala Lampur of all places, and they popularized a mix of running orienteering and socializing that was similar to another popular sport of Paper Chasing. It fell out of popularity during the war but reemerged in the 70s when I was running cross country. Windsor, being a strange place to begin with, for some reason had a school system that decided to refer to cross country as Harrier. The more you know. Thanks Internets!

Direct link to mp3.

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