A song and a sound brings on the water works and sends me to kicking around in the memory areas of my head.

Direct link to mp3.

Created with bossjock studio!


2 comments on “slugdaily-20141206

  1. Yes Doug, I know all about the “regular disappointments” that can happen when a couple is trying for a baby!! My wife and I tried unsuccessfully for three years, and ended up going to a fertility clinic. We had some frustrations there too, even when using small doses of Fertility Drugs and trying Artificial Insemination… But I think about the third month into AI, it worked!! Oh that was so exciting.

    Everybody under the sun started telling us that “I bet the next child will come super-easy, be careful now! Neither one of us believed that, after three YEARS of unsuccessful trying. Once we eventually decided to have a go and see what happened for a possible second child, my wife was pregnant the very first month that she was off birth control. We were astounded! We never had a problem conceiving after that, and we have four kids now, lol. (And that’s it, we’re stopping now, finally)

    Man, that seems like SUCH a very long time ago – My oldest is 15 years old now.

  2. That, by the way, was an incredible episode. I especially like the podcasts where your quiet emotional side comes in. (I don’t think you’ll ever properly pull that off on Doug vs the Phone though, lol)

    Parenthood is incredible. My wife and I are having some somewhat sad times right now, with us not connecting as deeply and often as we’d like, but we’re fighting through it, fighting hard. So many great memories, it’s so worth fighting for!!

    And I’m enjoying parenthood as much as ever. 🙂

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