I have returned! Happy 2015. A bit of catchup a bit of talk a bit of a book and a bit of music. Hope you are well!

Riding Alone For Thousands Of Miles

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One comment on “slugdaily-20150110

  1. It was great to hear you talk about Arthur C Clarke. I am still a fan – Starting when I was a kid, I’ve read lots of his scifi, including many of the year two-thousand and something series. One of my favorites is the movie 2010, (not to be confused with the more popular 2001 which I haven’t been able to sit through). See if you can find that film – I think you might love it, after reading 2001. There’s a book 2010 also, but I’d recommend watching the movie before reading the book…

    I sure am looking forward to seeing that Dark Matter TV series when it eventually comes out!!

    Usually I’m not a big fan of background music in podcasts, largely because I am fairly severly hard of hearing… but in this case, I really loved that! Low-key background music can enhance a podcast. Some of those unenlightened folk try upbeat music in the background of a podcast (seems to happen in sports podcasts unfortunately) and to me, that just makes it sound like they don’t think they are saying anything worth listening to, so they put the music in to cover up their uninspiring words. That’s my take anyway, but only when upbeat music is used.

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