Settle in for a long one. I haven’t been around for a while and I have a lot to say. Or I am going to take a long time to say nothing at all.
You decide.

Dark Matter Trailer:

The SiD skit that is referenced:

Some book links:

My winning letter:


And finally, I know you were yelling it the whole time. Next time, yell louder. BEN STEIN FOR GOD’S SAKE!!!!:

Direct link to <a href=”“>mp3.</a>


2 comments on “SlugDaily-20150602

  1. Thanks for posting. We’ve been ashamed of our kids’ cavities recently too! We couldn’t believe how many cavities our 6-year-old had!! It was a really good story, thanks for sharing that experience.

    Great ending with the hilarious song-intro, vintage slugore there.

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