SlugDaily – 20150616

Standing around in the Living Room and the Kitchen wondering what to do.

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2015-06-15 18.05.09 2015-06-15 18.13.39 2015-06-15 18.21.36 2015-06-16 11.22.16


2 comments on “SlugDaily – 20150616

  1. Love that biting-the-radish pic, lol! I’m jealous – I have no success with radishes out here in Saskatchewan – I’ve tried several times, and they are always a miserable failure…

  2. Thanks Hank! It was very surprising to actually have succeeded on the first try with the radishes. I hope the other stuff grows as well… which reminds me. I better go water the garden and get some chicken wire to protect the rest of it.

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