SlugisDoug episode 61

Once again sitting in the parking lot of the Guild Inn waxing (or is it waning?) philosophic with some talk of my health, my life and my explorations into core values.

Thanks for putting up with me.

Direct link to mp3.


One comment on “SlugisDoug episode 61

  1. Most importantly, a big thumbs-up on the renaming idea, This is Doug. I love that. I think it would be a more appropriate name now.

    As for the shout-out, good grief it ALWAYS startles the heck out of me if you name me mid-broadcast, lol! It’s cool that I make an impact and you may do so – it’s just amusing my reaction when I don’t expect that!

    As for my thoughts on your background music, it’s been very nicely done lately. In my opinion, any given track can be very nice for the first 30-60 seconds but can quickly become annoying after that. I know it’s very tricky, but care needs to be taken to make the background music or soundscape softer than the narrative voice, and I think you’ve been doing well at that.

    I’m especially sensitive to volume and background noise – I’m very VERY hard-of-hearing, have been using hearing aids for years, started in my 20s already. It’s hereditary. I often need to listen to your podcasts at full maximum volume, cranked.

    I often get similar tiredness issues, and as you point out it’s much more likely to happen on a non-working day when I’m just lazing around, or when I’m driving after an eventful day. But for me, I have been checked out pretty thoroughly by my family doc and there’s no alarm-bells about my blood-tests blood-pressure cholesterol or any of that. The one thing I have developed quite recently is the dreaded E.D. that can affect men in their later middle age and beyond. Feel free to hit my up about my experiences with that if you wish, mostly an annoyance. There are times when it’s very frustrating of course, and not just for me…

    Best wishes with the situation with your Mom, the work-situation with your wife. Those are bound to cause some stress. Remember to do those things that you can lose yourself in, it’s important and I know you have taken steps to make it so. Looking forward to the next episode!

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