About Hover

I used a great company called Hover to register my domain name slugisdoug.com. But they offer much more than domain name registration. They offer domain forwarding so that when someone clicks on or types slugisdoug.com they end up here at my WordPress blog. I can also create other “Hovers” that are shortcuts to other web addresses. For instance, if I wanted to give you a link to a YouTube Video that I posted, instead of putting the really long YouTube address of: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7O8dRqcnTnE (pretty complicated and not very brand savvy) I can create a shortcut link say: http://slugisdoug.com/deer that will get people there with an address that is easy to share and remember.
You can also get personalized Webmail and eMail (PoP/IMAP)

If you are interested in getting the same service, use the coupon code of “dougs” at hover.com or click on the link: http://hover.com/dougs, you will receive a 10% discount on your purchases with Hover.com.

In full disclosure, I also get a little something out of the deal too for being a Hover Affiliate and I would like that.

For more information about Hover.com and their services please visit their site. http://hover.com