SlugisDoug episode 50: Happy 65th Scarborough Dude!

It’s my 50th episode and the very guy who was the inspiration for this podcast is now turning 65. Happy Birthday Dude!


From all of us…

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SlugisDoug episode 16: We built this house on this Rock

It’s here my friends. The episode that I was working on as my daughter decided to arrive. In it I talk about some of the work that I’ve been doing around the house in preparation for baby’s arrival and The Scarborough Dude of the Dicks&Janes Podcast stops by for a beer and to hand over The Rock. (DnJ episode 23 link) It is a bit of a long one but I think that you will forgive me as I may not be back as often for a little while as recording and editing are low on the priority list as we get accustomed to having our beautiful Clara Joy with us, needing us, entertaining us.

Enjoy, and we’ll talk soon! I promise.

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