SlugisDoug episode 83: The Storyteller, The Listener and The Eavesdropper.

This week I sat down and reread and recorded a piece of writing from 1996. This was my first semester so-called “research thesis” at Carleton University’s School of Architecture. More of an exploration of creative writing, and narrative building than a treatise on a type of architecture. It was, I think, an attempt to try to develop a way of creating something that might eventually, somehow, turn itself into an architecture. It is clearly very flawed as a “research thesis” but as a piece of art it is something that I am pretty proud of.  If anything, it was interesting to me to revisit this work and try to breathe new life into it by creating something new from it.

I hope you enjoy it.

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The music is all from the Free Music Archive by an artist named Lee Rosevere

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There is also a recording of rain from by user sonitusetaudio.